PVC Wall Cladding Sheets

Hygienic PVC wall cladding is the proven choice of wall finish where the strictest hygiene standards are required. Offering a low maintenance, smooth, wipe clean surface it meets all EU directives on health and hygiene.

Over our 15 years’ experience we have seen the product go from being predominately used in the food retail and food production sectors to be the architect’s choice for a durable, hygienic wall finish for the medical sector. Full coverage bonding to the substrate, welded joints and thermoformed corners offer significant help with infection protection and control. Wall Hygiene have embraced these changes and are the most experienced contractors offering this service today.

Altro Whiterock™ have become synonymous with hygienic PVC wall cladding. Wall Hygiene can offer Altro whiterock™ or we can offer more cost effective equals to suit your budget.

Altro Whiterock works Perfect as Interior PVC Wall Cladding 

Altro Whiterock is the ideal hygienic substitute to paint or tiles. The product is a highly versatile interior PVC wall cladding system which provides a hygienic, practical, and decorative solution. PVC wall cladding is impact resistant, easy to clean, and grout-free. Its classical purity and smooth white surface make it the ideal and everlasting choice for any interior and particularly suitable for commercial kitchens, bathrooms, and clinical areas. Traditional tiles can become damaged, making bacteria growth and water penetration a problem. Altro Whiterock is hard wearing and 100% watertight, making it the perfect solution for this issue.

The product is approved by HACCP and they are made from high-quality uPVC polymer. They are food safe and can operate with temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius. Here at Wall Hygiene, we offer a wide range of Altro Whiterock PVC wall cladding that meets all health and safety regulations.

PVC Sheets Jointing Options

Our PVC Sheets have three jointing options to suit the specific requirements of the different sectors we serve.

Heavy Duty Single Part Joiner

Used for in food production areas where a high impact profile is needed, this profile has an integrated gasket seal allowing the product to be power washed in situ day in day out.

Low profile 2 part Joiner

This low profile joiner is ideal to allow the neat abutment of worktops, shelving etc. in commercial kitchens reducing the need for heavy and unsightly silicone seals. This 2 part joiner also has an integrated gasket seal.

Welded Joints

The No1 jointing choice for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Flush welded joints leaves an all over smooth, seamless finish that is easy cleaned and aesthetically pleasing.


Our PVC wall cladding is fully bonded with a 2 part polyurethane adhesive. When cured it forms a hard, tough, resilient bond which is resistant to water, solvents and heat.


All internal/external corners are thermoformed on site in order to achieve profile free corners assuring optimum hygiene standards can be met.

Corner protection

For vulnerable corners that may be subject to high impact Wall Hygiene offers stainless steel and chequered aluminium plate corner guards. We have this image if we can maybe incorporate it.


We have a range of colours available in satin and gloss finishes. Below is a small sample.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]

STD White
Off White | RAL 9016
Light Pistachio | PAN 9062
Cream | PAN 9143
Stone | PAN 9081
Deep Ice
Light Pink | PAN 9022
Lilac | PAN 9023
Red Wine | PAN 242
Dark Pink | PAN 214
Red | PAN 201
Orange | PAN 159
Crimson Pink | PAN 4725
Avocado | PAN 5783
Green Grape | PAN 7492
Light Blue | PAN 9443
Light Turquoise | PAN 9044
Ocean Blue | PAN 651
Mouse Grey | Warm Grey 9
Medium Grey | RAL 7043
Black | Black Gloss
Dark Grey | RAL 7015
Light Grey | RAL 7040
Mink | RAL 7044
Grey Cream | RAL 9002
Beige Cream | PAN 9185
Beige 1015 | RAL 1015
Desert Sand | PAN 155